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 Food & Beverage Market Research Reports

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Office Coffee Service in the U.S.: Market Trends and Opportunities

The office coffee service (OCS) market is on the rebound after slumping during 2008-2010. Sales (including related hot beverage and creamer/sweetener supplies) approached the $4 billion mark in 2011, and are forecast to grow 3....


Targeted Health and Wellness Foods and Beverages: The U.S. Market and Global Trends

The market for targeted health and wellness foods and beverages is a dynamic and promising one, driven largely by the growing recognition?among scientists, government, practitioners, and consumers alike?...


Food Bars in the U.S.: Cereal/Granola Bar and Energy/Nutrition Bar Trends

This Packaged Facts report examines the $5.7 billion U....


Food and Beverage Packaging Trends in the U.S.: Consumer Viewpoints and Marketer Opportunities

"Food and Beverage Packaging Trends in the U.S....


Energy Drinks and Shots U.S. Market Trends

In broad strokes, health and wellness-related beverage products are seeing increased consumer penetration, while classic beverages—especially colas—are seeing consumer attrition. Specifically, functional ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, namely energy drinks, sports drinks, and tea, have increased consumer penetration over the past few years....


Food Formulation and Ingredient Trends: Health and Wellness

Health and wellness will continue to take center stage in 2013 both because persistent high obesity and chronic illness rates demand it and because food and beverage manufacturers seek higher margins that these value-added products can command. Manufacturers of packaged foods and beverages and chain restaurant operators will demonstrate ongoing commitment to improving the healthfulness of their offerings consistent with evolving consumer interest and building on initiatives undertaken over the last several years....


Clothing and Footwear Retail Market in Central Europe 2011

Clothing and footwear retail market in Central Europe 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013 gives readers an insightful and comprehensive look into the strengths, value, size and future prospects of all segments of clothing and footwear retail sales in the countries of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic Romania and Slovakia. The market’s current levels of saturation offer opportunity independent of economic conditions, and this report helps businesses to locate the most promising possibilities.


CompetitiveWatch Food and Beverage: Leading Suppliers' Marketing Tatics and Strategic Directions

The report analyzes:
  • The report analyzes:
    • Sales force in the U....


Antioxidant Products in the U.S.: Foods, Beverages, Supplements and Personal Care

Antioxidants are found in a diversity of consumer packaged goods from fruit juices to deodorant but reflect a metatrend whereby the link between dietary supplements and actual diets is becoming ever stronger. American consumers not only approach foods and beverages from a nutritional supplementation perspective, but also have come to regard health and beauty products as extensions of the foods they eat and the nutritional supplements they take....


Food and Agriculture Global Growth Trends Review

Over the last 10 years, global food and agriculture have experienced many events that have, and will continue to have, irreversible social, economic, and political consequences—both positive and negative. This report looks at the increasing attractiveness of urea-based fertilizers, which are driven by key global trends that are expected to expand into sustained forces of development to transform fertilizer businesses, the food and agriculture economy, and society as a whole.


Packaging Industry Outlook in BRIC Countries: Market Size, Key Trends, Drivers, and Challenges to 2016


The report provides top-level market analysis, information and insights on the packaging markets in the BRIC countries, including:
  • Current, historic and forecast values and trends for each packaging market, including individual categories
  • Comprehensive, country-specific analysis of the industry's market attractiveness, covering key trends and drivers
  • Competitive landscape and benchmarking with other key markets for each BRIC country
  • Description and analysis of the packaging categories and end-user markets for the packaging industry in each BRIC country
  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis of all individual categories and of the overall packaging industry for each BRIC country
Executive Summary


Food & Beverage Plastics - A Global Market Watch, 2011 - 2016

Global Food and Beverages Plastics is expected to reach US$71.5 billion by 2016, primarily supported by the end-user – Fruit and Vegetables, Dairy, Bakery and Bottles/Containers....


Emerging Flavors in Soft Drinks: New Flavor Blends, Next Generation Superfruits, and Future Opportunities

This report provides a comprehensive global review of growing and emerging flavors in soft drinks by sub-segment and region. In addition, it evaluates the drivers affecting the development of flavors, technological developments, and innovations in the soft drinks flavoring industry....


Future Innovations in Food and Drinks to 2015: NPD, Trend Convergence and Emerging Opportunities

This report is based on extensive analysis of over 75,000 new product launches and an exclusive global panel survey. The report explores the key trends in the global food and drinks market, assesses the most innovative models, analyzes the most advanced products, and provides actionable recommendations for increasing innovation success rates....


New Developments in Retail-Ready Packaging


Retail-ready packaging offers multiple benefits in terms of operational efficiencies and brand enhancement. A high-growth area with relatively few key players, opportunities exist in the established European market where technological advances are crucial to the uptake or RRP and in less developed markets like Asia and North America, where RRP is under-utilized for a variety of factors....


Dairy Market Outlook


This report examines key innovations in the dairy market and the role new innovations have played in sustaining and growing the market. The report also considers wider trends in the food industry as a whole such as evolving consumer needs and preferences and changing economic circumstances, and how these changes are underpinning the drive for new product innovation in the dairy market....


Global Food Additives Market 2012-2016

TechNavio’s Analysts forecast the Global Food Additives market to grow at a CAGR of 3.57 percent over the period 2012-2016....


Food Safety Diagnostics, The World Market

The food supply worldwide is under constant threat and effective test products that can ensure food safety are in demand. Microbial pathogens (primarily bacteria), viruses, environmental toxins, food allergens and adulterants, residues of drugs and agricultural chemicals can harm consumers if unchecked....


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