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 NAT Market Research Reports

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Cancer Nucleic Acid Testing

The report presents an overview of the clinical significance and market needs for major tumor markers, as well as listings of companies developing and marketing NAT technologies and products for cancer testing.

Contains 45 pages


Future Advances in Molecular Diagnostic Testing: Standards and Reference Materials

This report will benefit companies developing or planning to develop new molecular diagnostic products. It describes the regulatory environment in which the new tests are being developed, and the efforts of governmental and other agencies and commercial entities to develop certified reference materials that will allow more effective standardization and harmonization of quality control procedures, and the performance of new molecular diagnostic tests in commercial as well as academic laboratories.


Genetic Diseases and Pharmacogenomics

This report presents:

  • Overview of the clinical significance and market needs for major genetic diseases
  • Reviews the field of pharmacogenomics
  • Provides listings of companies developing and marketing NAT technologies and products.
  • Contains 75 pages


DNA and RNA Probes: Preparation, Formats, Labeling, Amplification, Detection

This comprehensive review of the DNA and RNA probe technology includes modern principles of probe preparation, various test formats, labeling techniques, and numerous amplification methods.

Contains 60 pages


DNA Sequencing: Role in Clinical Laboratories

Sequencing is expected to continue playing a major role in clinical laboratories, for example, in detecting resistance mutations in viruses and bacteria, especially because of the rising availability of sequencing technologies and automated instrumentation.

This report presents a concise review of the DNA sequencing field, including discussion of such topics as sequencing methods, automation, detection, gene profiling, and expression, polymorphism, screening, protein interaction networks, and others.

Contains 15 pages


Biochips: Genosensors, Microarrays, Labs-On-The-Chip


Biochips, DNA Chips, Genosensors, Microarrays and Labs-on-the-Chip are extensions of biosensor and DNA technologies. They are increasingly used for:

  • Mapping DNA clones in large genomic libraries
  • Sequencing stretches of DNA greater than a thousand bases per chip
  • Diagnosing infectious diseases, cancers, and genetic disorders
  • Tissue typing, paternity testing, and fingerprinting applications
  • Technical, manufacturing, quality control and cost issues continue to complicate their routine use....


NAT Applications For Forensic, Paternity and Disease Susceptibility Testing

The report presents:

Overview of the clinical significance and market needs for major forensic, paternity, disease susceptibility and other NAT applications.

Extensive listings of companies developing and marketing NAT technologies and products.

Contains 32 pages


NAT Instrumentation: Operating Characteristics, Features and Selling Prices of Leading Analyzers


  • This report is designed to help suppliers identify and evaluate emerging opportunities for further automating NAT methods in order to facilitate their penetration into the routine clinical laboratory market.
  • Some instrumentation is already available on the market, e....


NAT Product Development Opportunities, Market Penetration Strategies, Entry Barriers and Risks


  • Identifies over 60 specific new product development opportunities for NAT instruments, consumables, and auxiliary products.
  • Proposes ?...


Worldwide Nucleic Acid Testing and DNA Sequencing Market: Facilities, Test Volumes, and Sales Forecasts by Country (DataPack)

Estimates of facilities performing DNA sequencing and molecular diagnostic testing in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK and USA.

Five-year test volume and sales forecasts by country.


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