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The 2013 Top 10 World's Leading Food and Beverage Companies

Complete report $13,800.  Individual company assessments $2,450.

This insightful report provides food and beverage industry executives with strategically significant competitor information, analysis and insight, critical to the development and implementation of effective marketing and R&D programs.

The companies analyzed in this report include:

- A-B InBev  
- Cargill  
- Coca-Cola
- Kraft
- Mars  
- Nestle  
- PepsiCo  
- SABMiller  
- Tyson  
- Unilever


  • To establish comprehensive, factual and cost-effective information base on performance, capabilities, goals and strategies of the world’s leading food and beverage companies.
  • To help current suppliers realistically assess their technological and marketing capabilities vis-a-vis leading competitors.
  • To assist potential market entrants in evaluating prospective acquisitions and joint venture candidates.
  • To complement internal competitor information gathering efforts with strategic analysis, 
    data interpretation and insight.
  • To identify least competitive market niches with significant growth potential.


In a highly dynamic and fragmented food and beverage market, besieged by intense competition, the ability to anticipate new product introductions and marketing strategies is particularly important...and can spell the difference between success and failure.


The Top 10 report is based on a combination of primary and secondary information sources, including Venture Planning Group’s proprietary database, developed during the firm’s continuous monitoring of the food and beverage industry, as well as over 100 syndicated studies and numerous proprietary single-client assignments. This database contains information on major food and beverage companies, technologies, products and executives worldwide.  Moreover, a comprehensive review of the Top 10 companies’ product and financial literature, business and technical periodicals, and pertinent industry analyst reports was conducted.

Contains 600 pages and 75 tables

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Other Formats: Global PDF, DataPack
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