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 Strategic Planning Market Research Reports

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Top 10 World's Leading Diagnostics Companies

This report is designed to provide the in vitro diagnostics industry executives with strategically significant competitor information, analysis and insight crucial to the development and implementation of effective business, marketing and R&D programs. The study’s major objectives include:

  • To establish a comprehensive, factual, annually updated and cost-effective information base on performance, capabilities, goals and strategies of the world’s leading in vitro diagnostics companies....


Three Alternative Scenarios of the Future In Vitro Diagnostics Market through 2018

This report is an invaluable strategic planning resource for corporate, marketing and R&D executives. The report is designed to help executives develop effective contingency plans that best accommodate uncertainties ahead....


Analysis of the Western European Asset Management Industry

Frost & Sullivan's business and financial services group serves clients around the world in all aspects of financial analysis, market research and monitoring, due diligence, idea generation, opportunity analysis, investment valuation, and other proprietary research. A key aspect of this offering is the financial benchmarking and analysis (FBA) in the asset management space....


Analysis of Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment Trends in the Aerospace & Defence Industry in Europe

This research service analyses private equity and venture capital investment trends in the European aerospace and defence industry. Private placement transactions from January 2006 to December 2011 have been analysed as part of the study....


Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment Trends in Financial Services Industry in Europe

The study aims to analyse private equity and venture capital trends in the financial services industry in Europe. All related private placement transactions between 2006 and 2011 have been included for analysis....


Analysis of the Socially Responsible Investing Funds Market

Frost & Sullivan's business and financial services group serves clients around the world in all aspects of financial analysis, market research, and monitoring, due diligence, idea generation, opportunity analysis, investment valuation, and other proprietary research. A key aspect of this offering is the Financial Benchmarking and Analysis (FBA) in the asset management space....


Future US In Vitro Diagnostics Market: Strategic Implications of Emerging Reimbursement, Technological and Market Trends through 2018

- How will the future reimbursement changes affect individual market segments

- Will the industry consolidate, decentralize, or undergo a bimodal transformation

- What will be the impact on purchasing influences, marketing strategies, joint ventures, mergers, licensing, import and export

- How will the future technological advances affect the major market segments

- Which companies will enter the market and which will not survive

These and other key strategic issues facing decision-makers are explored in this thought-provoking and multi-faceted portrait of the future U.S....


Future Technological Breakthroughs And Their Impact on the US Diagnostics Market through 2018

The next ten years will be marked by significant technological developments in health care and biotechnology, which will drastically change the assumptions and perceptions of life and death. This report is designed to assist diagnostics industry executives in exploring the impact of possible technological developments and commercialization of a number of new products, and formulating policy alternatives that will provide the best choice among possible courses of action....


The Eastern European Tire Market 2011-2015


All of the Eastern European countries within this section witnessed large levels of pre-recessionary GDP output and will continue to demonstrate consistent growth. Eastern Europe is renowned for its harsh winters, and the usage of winter tires is compulsory in most countries in the region, with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary being notable exceptions

Features and benefits

Achieve revenue growth by understanding the forecast sales performance of tires by country and adjusting business development plans accordingly....


Leading Diagnostics Companies Financial Analyses

Each company’s analysis provides:
  • Five-year U.S....


Leading Diagnostics Companies Product Portfolio Analyses

For each company, the analyses present:
  • Review of major product lines.
  • Specifications, features, advantages, weaknesses, introduction dates and prices of current analyzers, reagent systems and ancillary products....


Global Diagnostics Market Dynamics and Trends

The report provides an approximately 55-page worldwide strategic overview of the in vitro diagnostics market, including:
  • Five-year reagent and instrument sales forecasts for major testing locations (hospitals, commercial/private laboratories, physician offices/group practices, blood center, personal testing and others and major laboratory disciplines (blood typing/grouping, chemist/immunoassay, coagulation, hematology/flow cytometry, histology/cytology, microbiology/serology, urinalysis and others).
  • Five-year worldwide sales projections for the most dynamic market segments, such as molecular diagnostics, infectious diseases, tumor markers, and personal testing are developed....


Leading Diagnostics Companies Strategic Directions

For each company, the report provides insightful strategic assessments, including:
  • Business, new product development, and marketing strategies.
  • Anticipated acquisitions, joint ventures, and divestitures....


Leading Diagnostics Companies Marketing Tactics

For each company, the analysis presents:
  • The U.S....


Leading Diagnostics Companies Collaborations

For each company, the report analyzes:
  • Major joint venture, distribution, O.E....


Leading Diagnostics Company Business Organizations and Senior Management

For each company, the report provides:
  • History of the diagnostics business evolution important to the understanding of the company’s culture management mentality and strategies.
  • Most recent significant acquisitions, divestitures and organizational changes....


Leading Diagnostics Companies R&D Expenditures and Major Programs

For each company, the report provides:
  • R&D budget, research facilities, and staff.
  • New technologies, systems, and applications in development, including their specifications and anticipated introduction dates....


Leading Diagnostics Companies Technological Know-How

For each company, the report analyzes:
  • Internally developed and acquired in vitro diagnostics.
  • Know-how in biotechnology, engineering, electronics and other related fields....


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