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Best Practices for Advertising to Life Scientists


If you are in charge of creating, positioning and calling a scientist to action through print or online ads, then our newest report, Best Practices for Advertising to Life Scientists—Online and in Print, is for you.

We got advice from over 897 scientists about their online and print publication preferences, their penchant for a variety of types of ads and what inspires them to buy. The report includes detailed information on scientists' shopping habits, what their preferred ad content/platforms are, and which publications they read the most.

For more on the topic, check out For Life Scientists, Advertising is Online and Print, Not Online vs. Print, BioInformatics LLC director of publications Robin Rothrock's post on our blog.

With this report you will be able to:
  • Determine which devices scientists are using to read/view web content
  • Understand preferences and usage of print vs. online publications
  • Find out how researchers search for products and services (e.g., favorite search engines, search terms, frequency etc.)
  • Understand value placed on sponsored links; (e.g., Google ads)
  • Measure usage and preferences of multiple types of print and online ads
  • Assess awareness and usefulness of 20+ leading life science publications: online and print
  • Find out the degree to which scientists are using QR codes
  • Identify the most attractive sites and page positions for banner ad placement
  • Measure the prevalence of ad-blocking software
  • Determine the relative value of major types of sponsored content: online and print
  • Find out which type of ads scientists are responding to most: print vs. online.
  • Determine the overall receptivity to advertising in the life sciences
  • Identify the most memorable online and print ads from 2012
Going beyond usage and preferences, this report also uncovers areas that might be undermining your advertising campaign. You’ll find out whether or not labs are using ad-blocking software and what scientists are actually doing with the publications you spend your advertising dollars with. If they're reading it and passing it on, you’ve got a winner. But if it remains untouched on a stack of unread magazines, you’ll want to know about that, too. And we’ve gathered detailed information about the exact types of online ads that scientists tell us get on their collective nerves.

Best Practices for Advertising to Life Scientists: Online and in Print will enable you to critically examine your current print and online advertising strategies. From this primary research report, you will be able to identify specific steps related to ad creation, format, placement and calls-to-action — guidance provided directly by researchers and their experience with life science ads.

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Other Formats: Global PDF, DataPack
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