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 Electronics Market Research Reports

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Global Sensor Outlook 2013

Sensors and transmitters market is categorized as growth market. As the level of automation is increasing, the sensor deployment in the manufacturing space exhibits higher deployment and use of sensors....


2012 United States IT Decision Makers

This customer research was conducted to track content management systems within the corporate environment in the United States. Content management systems, integrated within the IT infrastructure of an organization and on top of the storage architecture, has arguably become the most crucial part of the content/information workflow....


Wireless/Mobile Devices and Applications: Solutions and Market Opportunities

Wireless/Mobile Devices and Applications: Solutions and Market Opportunities is the most comprehensive research package available in the market focusing on wireless/mobile devices and applications.


It includes many reports addressing wireless/mobile device developments covering everything from smart phones to tablet computing....


Mobile Commerce 360

Mobile commerce is exploding with applications and services driven by emerging technologies, use cases, and business models. M-commerce is quite different from traditional e-commerce as the ecosystem and value chain are more dynamic and are evolving in a different manner than e-commerce as a whole....


M2M and Telematics Solutions and Market Opportunities

This report package represents comprehensive research addressing M2M, Telematics, and related technologies (RFID and Presence, and others), market analysis, business case assessment, company analysis, opportunity assessment, application evaluation, and more. It is a must have bundle of reports for anyone focused on M2M and/or Telematics business, market, and technology.


Next Generation Network (NGN) Solutions and Market Opportunities

Next Generation Networks (NGN) promises a high quality end-user experience. Telecommunications service providers expect the NGN framework to provide them with tools that would ensure customer loyalty....


Emerging Opportunities in Spain’s Cards and Payments Industry: Market Size, Trends and Drivers, Strategies, Products and Competitive Landscape

The report provides market analysis, information and insights into Spain’s cards and payments market, including:


Strategic Analysis of North American Commercial Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Market

This study analyzes the various market dynamics of the different North American parts and service channels for medium and heavy-duty buses and trucks. Areas covered within the scope of this research include overall component revenue by vehicle type and parts category....


Strategic Corporate Profile of HYUNDAI-KIA Motor Company Global Operations

Since 2001, HYUNDAI-KIA Motor Company (HKMC) has shown tremendous growth in performance across the global market. Whilst the traditional automakers were showing signs of trouble during the economic crisis of 2008, HKMC has shown an incredible growth trend not only with the HYUNDAI brand, but also the KIA brand....


Google Market Intelligence

Google Market Intelligence has set the industry standard for comprehensive research into Google's market prospects, competition, products, services, and applications since April 2010. This subscription service provides research, analysis, and advisory services that address a wide range of topics including search, media, communications, content, telephony, applications, and more....


Strategic Analysis of Hybrid and Electric Commercial Vehicle Market in North and South America

This research service provides key trends affecting the hybrid and electric medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial vehicle market in North and South America, focusing on the United States and Brazil. This service analyzes urbanization trend, fuel price volatility, regulatory and legislative benefits for adopting green technologies, competitive dynamics, and payback analysis....


Financial Assessment of the Power Systems Industry

The study examines the financial health of power system companies by classifying them under two broad categories: excellence in financial management and excellence in risk management. The companies were identified from Reuters, Capital IQ, Yahoo Finance and Google Finance, and the financial data were obtained from various secondary sources....


Analysis of the Latin American Electronic Medical Record Market

This study analyzes the Latin American electronic medical record (EMR) market. For the purpose of this study, Latin America includes Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico only....


Data Centre Pricing Germany – 2012 report

The report is based on TCL’s unique survey of some 46 Data Centre providers with some 151 separate Data Centre facilities across Germany.The main Data Centre segments identified in this report


Analysis of the DoD Helicopter Market

This research forecasts the U.S....


Analysis of the DoD Ground Combat Vehicle Market

This research forecasts budget spending for the U.S....


Strategic Analysis of the U.S. Automotive Point-of-sale Finance Market

This research service offers a strategic analysis of the U.S....


Innovations in Biometrics for Consumer Electronics (Technical Insights)

This research service covers key biometric technologies and applications in the consumer electronics sector. Applications enabled by biometric technologies that are expected to have high impact in the near-term and medium-term are captured in the research service.


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