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Overweight and Obesity - Epidemiology Forecast to 2022

Overweight and obesity are characterized by abnormal or excessive fat accumulation in the body, which can increase the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Obesity is an escalating public health problem with an increasing worldwide prevalence and has become a well-known threat to public health. As obesity is a complex condition associated with a wide range of lifestyle, genetic, social, cultural, and environmental factors, its prevalence may vary across countries, depending on the variations in these contributing factors.

GlobalData’s epidemiological analysis forecasts that prevalent cases of overweight in the 9MM (US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, Brazil, and Canada) will increase from 250.05 million in 2012 to 271.86 million cases in 2022 at an annual growth rate (AGR) of 0.86%. Approximately 57% of the 250.05 million prevalent cases of overweight adults in the 9MM in 2012 were in men. GlobalData epidemiologists forecast that there were 167.39 million prevalent cases of obesity in the 9MM in 2012, which will increase to 213.34 million cases in 2022, increasing at an AGR of 2.75%. Approximately 52% of the 167.39 million prevalent cases of obese adults in the 9MM in 2012 were in women.

According to GlobalData’s forecast, the prevalent cases of both overweight and obesity will increase dramatically over the next decade, with the number of obese adults increasing by an alarming 27.50%. Overweight and obesity have reached pandemic proportions; however, GlobalData epidemiologists believe that with the alarming increase in the prevalence of both overweight and obesity, the morbidity and mortality associated with the disease will continue to increase dramatically as well.


  • The Overweight and Obesity EpiCast report provides an overview of the risk factors, comorbidities, and global trends of overweight and obesity in the 9MM (US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, Brazil, and Canada). It includes a 10-year epidemiology forecast of the prevalent cases of overweight, obesity, obesity class I, obesity class II, and obesity class III segmented by sex and age. In addition, the report includes a 10-year forecast of the prevalent cases of obesity-associated comorbidities, including diagnosed diabetes, diagnosed hypertension, and dyslipidemia, among adults with overweight/obesity in some of these markets.
  • The overweight and obesity epidemiology report was written and developed by Masters- and PhD-level epidemiologists.
  • In-depth, high quality, transparent and market-driven, providing expert analysis of disease trends in the 9MM.

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