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Home >  Plastics - Rigid & Flexible, Resins & End-Use Applications - An Analytical Report, 2011 - 2016

Plastics - Rigid & Flexible, Resins & End-Use Applications - An Analytical Report, 2011 - 2016


Global Market Watch:

The plastics market is expected to reach 508.6 million tons by 2016 primarily supported by the segments (rigid/flexible plastics), resins (thermoplastics/thermoset) and end-users food & beverage packaging, building & construction plastics, healthcare and etc. Rigid plastics market is expected to reach 284.8 million tons by 2016, by the support of emerging countries across world. Globally, Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) together account for approximately 46% of the market are expected to support the plastics industry going forward. Geographical analysis shows that the highest Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9% is anticipated from Asia-Pacific region during the analysis period, 2011-2016. The Americas follows Asia-Pacific with a CAGR of 8.4% while Europe forecasts to drive with a growth rate of 4.9%. Along with the market value analytics, volume based data also suggests positive prospects for the industry going forward. On a volume scale, highest growth rate is expected from Europe during the analysis period. Among the end-users Electronics is the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 9%. Household Products, Automotive, Electricals and Healthcare follows Electronics market with a positive growth rate during the period.

Report Focus:

The ‘Plastics - Rigid & Flexible, Resins & End-Use Applications – An Analytical Report, 2011 - 2016’ reviews the latest trends in plastics industry with a perceptive to identify the near-future growth prospects. The plastics industry is a fragmented market with multiple market participants, opens up numerous investment opportunities. The major investment focus is packaging business. An in-depth analysis across the geographic regions provides strategic business intelligence for the industry investments. The study offers profitable investment strategies for R&D organizations, plastic manufacturing units, distributors, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and many more in preferred locations. The report primarily focuses on:

·          Latest Market Trends

·          Region-wise Demand Factor

·          Key Growth Areas

·          Market Sizes

·          Key Competitors Edge

·          Investment Strategies

Estimates are based on online surveys using customized questionnaires by our research team. Besides information from government databases, company websites, press releases and published research reports are also used for estimates. Estimates have incorporated recessionary impact on the industry. The analysis is based on desk research and interviews with industry researchers and law/ethics specialists, as well as on data collected through the survey, and discussions with experts.

The report delivers a microscopic view of regional market volume & values. The major rigid & flexible, resins & end-use application areas discussed in the report are:

BY SEGMENT – Value & Volume

·          Rigid Plastics

o    Bottles and Jars

o    Pails

o    Caps & Closures1

o    Tubs/Cups/Bowls

o    Trays

o    Tubes &

o    Other

·          Flexible Plastics

o    Film & Sheets

o    Bags and Pouches

o    Squeezable Products2

o    Other

1 (Lids, flat caps, sports caps, rounded caps, carton mechanisms, and pouch spouts)

2 (shampoos, conditioners, ketchup, jam, sauces and mustard)

BY RESIN – (Volume)

·          Thermoplastics Resins

o    Polyethylene (PE)

o    Polypropylene (PP)

o    Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

o    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

o    Polystyrene (PS)

o    Engineering Thermoplastics

o    Other

·          Thermosets Resins

o    Polyurethanes (PU)

o    Urea-Formaldehyde (UF)

o    Phenol-Formaldehyde (PF)

o    Unsaturated Polyesters (UP)

o    Epoxy / Polyepoxide &

o    Other

·          Bioplastics

BY END-USE - Value

·          Food & Beverage Packaging

o    Fruits and Vegetables

o    Bottles/Containers

o    Dairy

o    Bakery

o    Meat/Poultry/Seafood

o    Frozen &

o    Other (Sauce and Condiments, Coffee, Juices and Other)

·          Building & Construction Plastics

o    Pipes & Ducts

o    Insulation1

o    Doors Fittings2

o    Other (Lining, Profiles, Railings, Glazing & Others)

1 Insulation Includes (Furniture & Bathroom Fittings, Floor & Wall Coverings)

2 Door Fittings also Includes (Windows)

·          Healthcare

o    Medical Instruments

o    Pharmaceuticals Packaging

o    Medical Supplies/Accessories*

* (Caps and Closures, Blister Packs, Disposable Syringes, Plastic Bottles, Prefillable Syringes,  Vials and Ampoules, Blood Bags, Nebulisers, Heart Valves, Contact Lenses and many more)

·          Personal Care

o    Skin Care

o    Hair Care

o    Oral Care

o    Toiletries

·          Household Products

o    Kitchen Ware

o    Cleaners & Chemicals

o    Lawn & Garden

o    Petcare

o    Furnishing

o    Other

·          Automotive

o    Interiors & Exteriors

o    Electrical Components

o    Powertrains &

o    Under Hood Engine

·          Electronics

o    Kitchen Machinery

o    Domestic Machinery

o    Audiovisual Equipment

o    Air-Conditioning Equipment

·          Electricals

o    Protection Devices

o    Electric Wires & Cables

o    High/Low-Voltage Electric Equipment’s  &

o    Power Capacitors

·          Industrial

o    Plasticizers

o    Lubricants

o    Solvents &

o    Other (Fillers, Binders, Dyes and Other)

·          Other

o    Textile

o    Consumer

o    Agricultural &

o    Other

The report focuses on the current market trends, estimates and forecasts for the period 2011-2016. More than 1500 in plastics market and 177 leading market players that project improved market activities in the near future are profiled. The report consists of 686 data charts describing the market shares, sales forecasts and growth prospects. Moreover, key strategic activities in the market including mergers/acquisitions, collaborations/partnerships, product launches/developments are discussed which gives a deep insight into the growth perspectives of the market.

The region-wise distribution of the market consists of Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Russia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland and Rest of Europe); The Americas (USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Rest of The Americas); Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and Rest of Asia-Pacific); Rest of World (South Africa, Middle East and Rest of Rest of the World).

The report also covers major industry participants with details of their services, projects and financial status. Below are few among the 177 plastics company profiles in our report:-

Braskem S.A., Nova Chemicals Corporation, AEP Industries, Inc., American Packaging Corporation, BASF Corporation, BWAY Holding Company, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, Dow Chemical Company, DuPont Corporation, Eastman Chemical Company, Exxon Mobil Chemical Company, Formosa Plastics Corp - (FPC), NatureWorks, LLC., North American Pipe Corporation, PolyOne Corporation, Sigma Plastics Group, ALPLA-WERKE AlwinLehner GbmH & Co. Kg, Borealis AG, Chemson Group, Solvay S.A., SolVin, Total Petrochemicals, Arkema, Bayer AG, A.G. Petzetakis, Novamont S.p.A., INEOS Group AG., LyondellBasell Industries, Synbra Holding BV, The Britton Group, Cardia Bioplastics, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), Liansu Group, PetroChina Company Limited, GAIL (India) Limited, Reliance Industries Ltd., Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp., Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd./Daicel Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC), Sumitomo Chemical, Teijin Chemicals, Tosoh Corporation, Titan Chemicals Corp. Bhd., USI Corporation, Abu Dhabi Polymers Ltd (Borouge), National Petrochemical Company (NPC), EQUATE Petrochemical Co., Qatar Chemical Co Ltd. (Q-Chem), Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co., Tasnee, SABIC - Saudi Basic Industries Corp., Boytek and many more….

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