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Research Report on Dairy Cattle Vaccine Market in China


Research Background

In the past few years, dairy farming has been developing rapidly in China. Especially dairy farms above 100 head inventory have been established in large number. Simultaneously, the farming models like dairy farming community and dairy cooperative also presented good performance. In 2012, China dairy cattle inventory reached 14.2 million heads, among which 25% are covered by farms with inventory of over 500 heads.

With increase of farming density, dairy farming in China is threatened by increasing incidence of diseases. Vaccines, as a kind of major livestock and poultry disease prevention measure, are in huge demand. Especially commercial vaccines with high safety and sound immune effect are well accepted by industrial dairy farms. Foot-and-mouth disease and anthrax vaccines are most adopted by dairy farms in China. The above two kinds of vaccines are produced with relatively advanced technology and perform good prevention ability.

In the meantime, brucellosis and mastitis’ increasing influence on milk quality and farm profit urged dairy farms to attach more importance to disease prevention and vaccination. Dairy cattle vaccines, especially commercial vaccines, are expected to achieve cracking sales volume growth in the future. Big vaccine enterprises like CAHIC, Xinjiang TECON and Spirit Jinyu Group intensified the efforts on dairy cattle vaccine R&D and market development. This report will systematically answer the following questions:

(1) What about the distribution and farming scales of dairy cattle farming in China? What are the main farming models? What about the present situation of feeding, breeding and disease prevention? What about the future development trend?

(2) What about the Chinese government’s dairy cattle disease prevention plan for the coming years? What are the diseases for compulsory vaccination? What about the policies for compulsory vaccines purchase? Who are the government appointed compulsory vaccine producers? What about the satisfaction degree of dairy farms towards vaccines of government appointed producers?

(3) Are there any differences in vaccine type selection for dairy farms of different scales and farming models? What are the factors that influence dairy farms in vaccine purchase and effect rankings? What about the vaccine purchase channels? What about the immune procedure and cost?

(4) What about the epidemic characteristics of foot-and-mouth disease, anthrax, brucellosis and mastitis in China? What are the main rules for disease prevention and control implemented by the government? What about the vaccination method and costs for different diseases? What about the satisfaction degree of dairy farms towards different vaccine brands?

(5) What about the market size for vaccines for different diseases? What about the future of vaccines of different strains and brands? Who are the major vaccine brands in China? What about their vaccine types, advantages and market position? BSNABC will follow the principles of pragmaticism, comprehensiveness, briefness, conciseness and accuracy and base on in-depth research, systematical analysis and scientific induction to answer the above questions with detailed data and refined words so as to offer reference and basis for our clients to understand the present situation and the future development trend of the Chinese dairy cattle vaccine market.

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