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Home >  2019 World In Vitro Diagnostics Industry: Market Shares and Country Forecasts for 400 Assays, 20 Market Segments and 14 Test Locations--Emerging Opportunities and Business Expansion Strategies for Suppliers

2019 World In Vitro Diagnostics Industry: Market Shares and Country Forecasts for 400 Assays, 20 Market Segments and 14 Test Locations--Emerging Opportunities and Business Expansion Strategies for Suppliers

To prepare diagnostics industry executives for radically different operating climates and reduce surprises, Venture Planning Group has published a series of 10 global market research surveys, “2019 World In Vitro Diagnostics Industry: Market Shares and Country Forecasts.  The series is designed to provide industry decision-makers with strategically significant competitor information, analyses and insight crucial to the development and implementation of effective business, marketing and R&D programs.  The report examines future trends in the U.S., Europe and Asia; reviews over 400 current and emerging assays; analyzes potential applications of innovative technologies; provides supplier shares and sales forecasts by assay, method, market segment, and country; profiles leading players and potential market entrants; and suggests alternative market expansion strategies for instrument and reagent suppliers.  The series is based on the following studies: 

     -  Future Scenarios of the In Vitro Diagnostics Market:
        Technological Breakthroughs, Economic Austerity, Business-as-Usual
     -  Opportunities in the Global Clinical Chemistry and Immunodiagnostics: 
        Spot Fast-Growing Market Segments
        Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM), Endocrine Function, Tumor Markers, Special Chemistry, 
        Immunoproteins, Drugs of Abuse

     -  Analysis of the Global Molecular Diagnostics Market
        Integrating New Technology Planning with Business and Corporate Strategies--
        Emerging Tests, Market Forecasts, Competitive Intelligence  

     -  Automated Microbiology Market
        Molecular Diagnostics, Microbial Identification, Antibiotic Susceptibility, Blood Culture,
        Urine Screening, Immunodiagnostics 

     -  Infectious Disease Testing: A Rapidly Growing and Challenging Market
        Technological Breakthroughs, Emerging Tests, Market Forecasts, Competitive Intelligence

     -  Market Segmentation Analysis of the Global Cancer Diagnostics Industry:
        Oncogenes, Biochemical Markers, Lymphokines, GFs, CSFs, Hormones, Immunohistochemical
        Stains--Hospitals, Commercial Labs, POC Locations

     -  Analysis of the Global Hematology and Flow Cytometry Markets:
        France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, USA Sales Forecasts, Supplier Shares,
       Competitive Strategies 

     -  Molecular Blood Typing, Grouping and Infectious Disease NAT Market:
        France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, US--Emerging Technologies, Sales Forecasts, 
       Supplier Shares, Competitive Strategies

     -  New Frontiers in Coagulation Testing:
        Global Challenges, Emerging Technologies, Competitive Landscape

     -  Analysis of the Global Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing Market
        Country Segment Forecasts, Market Shares, Emerging Technologies, Competitive Strategies,
        Growth Opportunities

Report Highlights

Worldwide Market Overview

- Facilities performing diagnostic tests by country.

- Test volume and sales projections by country.

Market Segmentation Analysis

- Comprehensive review of the market
dynamics, trends, structure, size, growth,
and key suppliers, by country.

- Test volume and sales forecasts for over 400 diagnostic procedures.

-  Market segments analyzed in the report include: 

  • Clinical Chemistry 
  • Immunodiagnostics
           ° TDM
           ° Endocrine Function
           ° Special Chemistry
           ° Immunoproteins
           ° Drugs of Abuse 
  • Molecular Diagnostics
           ° Infectious Diseases
           ° Cancer
           ° Genetic Testing
           ° Forensic Testing
           ° Paternity Testing/HLA Typing 
  • Microbiology
           ° Microbial Identification
           ° Antibiotic Susceptibility
           ° Urine Screening
           ° Blood Culture 
  • Cancer Diagnostic 
  • Hematology 
  • Flow Cytometry 
  • Blood Typing, Grouping, and Screening 
  • Coagulation Testing 

     - Centralized Testing Locations
       ° Hospitals
       ° Commercial/Private Laboratories
       ° Public Health Laboratories
       ° Blood Banks 

     - POC/Decentralized Testing Locations 

       ° Home/Personal Testing
       ° Physician Offices/Group Practices
       ° Emergency Rooms
       ° Operating/Recovery Suites
       ° ICUs/CCUs
       ° Cancer Clinics
       ° Ambulatory Care Centers
       ° Surgery Centers
       ° Nursing Homes
       ° Birth Centers

Emerging Tests and Instrumentation

- Analysis of current and emerging tests.

- Review of latest instrumentation technologies, and feature
comparison of high-, medium-, and low-volume/POC analyzers.

Technology Review

- Assessment of current and emerging diagnostic technologies,
and their potential  market applications.

- Worldwide listings of companies developing
or marketing new technologies and products by test.

Strategic Recommendations

- New product development opportunities
with significant market appeal.

- Alternative market penetration strategies.

- Potential market entry barriers and risks.

Competitive Assessments

- Strategic assessments of major diagnostic product
manufactures and emerging market entrants, including
their sales, product portfolios, marketing tactics,
collaborative arrangements and new products in R&D. 

The companies analyzed in the report include:

   - Abbott
   - ADI/America Diagnostica
   - AdnaGen/Alere
   - Affymetrix
   - Agilent Technologies
   - Alere/Biosite/Inverness
   - Applied Gene Technologies
   - Arca Biopharma
   - Axis-Shield
   - Bayer Healthcare
   - Beckman Coulter/Danaher
   - Becton Dickinson
   - Bio/Data
   - Biokit
   - Biomedical Diagnostics
   - Biomerieux
   - Bio-Rad
   - Biotest
   - Cellavision
   - CellMark Forensics/LabCorp
   - Cepheid
   - Chrono-Log
   - Corgenix Medical
   - Correlogic Systems/Vermillion
   - Decode Genetics
   - Diadexus
   - Diagast
   - Diagnocure
   - Diagnostica Stago
   - Diamedix
   - Diasorin
   - Eiken Chemical
   - EKF Diagnostics
   - Elitech Group
   - Enzo Biochem
   - Enterix
   - Epigenomics
   - Exact Sciences
   - Fujirebio
   - Gen-Probe/Hologic
   - Grifols
   - Guided Therapeutics
   - Helena Laboratories
   - Horiba
   - Hyphen BioMed
   - ID Biomedical/GSK
   - Illumina
   - Immucor
   - Instrumentation Laboratory
   - International Technidyne/Nexus DX
   - Iris Diagnostics/Danaher
   - Kreatech/Leica
   - Kyowa Medex
   - Li-Cor Biosciences
   - Lonza
   - Mackay Life Sciences
   - Matritech/Alere
   - Monogram Biosciences/LabCorp
   - Myriad Genetics
   - Nihon Kohden
   - OncoLab
   - Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
   - Panacea Pharmaceuticals
   - Perkin Elmer/Caliper
   - Polartechnics
   - Polymedco
   - PreMD
   - Proteome Sciences
   - Qiagen
   - Quest Diagnostics
   - Quidel
   - Radiant Pharmaceuticals
   - Roche
   - Scienion
   - SDIX
   - Sequenom
   - SeraCare
   - Shimadzu
   - Siemens
   - Sienco
   - Sierra Molecular
   - Sysmex
   - Takara Bio
   - Targeted Diagnostics & Therapeutics
   - Tecan Group
   - Thermo Fisher
   - Tosoh
   - Trinity Biotech
   - Veridex
   - Wako
   - Wallac/PE
   - Zycare/Alere
   - Zyla


The report is based on a combination of primary and secondary information sources,
including questionnaire responses, as well as interviews with laboratory directors
and executives of leading diagnostic companies and start-up firms developing
innovative technologies and products in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  

In addition to primary sources of information, a comprehensive review of
Venture Planning Group’s proprietary database, and the most recent technical,
business, manufacturer, and financial publications was conducted.

Contains approximately 9,700 pages and 3,200 tables

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